Mixing, Dialogue Editing & Sound Design

Free Range Audio is a specialist post production sound company offering sound mixing facilities in our dubbing theatre one street north of Oxford St and Soho and also providing dialogue editing/sound effects editing/voiceover recording facilities.

Free Range studio mixing desk projector

We are dedicated and very experienced sound specialists who can completely take charge of your programme's sound requirements - crew supervision / OMF & AAF imports / problematic location sound / sync problems / dialogue editing / music editing / sound effects editing & creative sound design / dubbing mixing in stereo & 5.1 / re-versioning / laybacks / deliverables / distribution. You can trust us to turn post production sound from being the problematic part of the post production process into an enjoyable one.

Our Audio suite is just the other side of Oxford St from Soho. If you're looking for a high quality soundtrack and you need an extremely competitive rate but don't want to travel out of the West End we're worth talking to.

Free Range Audio was originally established in 2001 by Pete Gates and Craig Butters, both very experienced post sound professionals.

Please have a look around the site then get in touch with us for a quote or further information

Free Range Audio Tel: 07703 208374  info@freerangeaudio.com